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Georgetown Fitness One-on-One Training Programs are built specifically to give you the direction and personal attention you need to obtain optimum results. Our coaches design each one-on-one personal training phase based on your initial thorough physical assessment and goals. We then combine these elements with our training expertise to create an individualized program that is just right for you.

We offer several styles of one-on-one personal training to help you succeed in your specific goals:



High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fires up your metabolism to promote fat burning. Our HIIT programs are designed to help you build a strong core, while burning fat and toning your muscles. Some of the many benefits include:


Improved body composition


Relief from joint pain and increased range of motion


Increased strength and power


Increased cardiovascular strength


Improved brain function due to increased blood circulation

Maximum Strength

Maximum Strength

Strength Training involves precise controlled movements for each major muscle group. This program will give stronger, leaner, and more powerful bodies to both men and women alike. Some of the many benefits include:


Increased strength, power, and endurance


Increased overall body flexibility


Protects bone health and muscle mass


Reduces the risk of injury


Improved posture


Gain of lean muscle while losing body fat

Functionally Fit

Functionally Fit

Our Functionally Fit Training Program focuses on training several movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles. Our bodies are designed to move, and the less you move the fewer calories you burn. This program provides full body exercises that improve strength, mobility and endurance. Some of the many benefits include:


Correction of poor posture and muscular imbalances


Increased lean muscle mass and strength


Improved stability and balance


Increased flexibility, and mobility


Improved Core Strength

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