Member Spotlight – Jeffrey Kasarjian

I had started my journey to losing weight back in March of 2016 and it had been going well. I was eating healthy and exercising, but all that consisted of was cardio. As things began to stall I decided I needed a change so I went to David Jacobs at Georgetown Fitness to add strength training into my routine. It was rough at first because had been a long time since I lifted weights, but the transformation has been incredible! When I started with David I had lost about 55 lbs, now I’m up to 104 and have not been this strong since college.  Also, the 50 pounds I’ve lost is just the net weight, I estimate that there is at least an additional 15 lbs of fat that I lost that has been replaced with muscle which has given me more strength and energy in my everyday life. I would strongly recommend using Georgetown Fitness for whatever your fitness goals are.

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