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Hybrid Mobile Training

From your mobile phone, you now have access to first-class workout programs from Georgetown Fitness trainers. The Hybrid Mobile Trainer gives you exclusive access to your trainer, and 2 in-person progress meetings per month. Your trainer will set up each program that is easy to follow and all workouts come with video and verbal tutorials.

Each package includes meeting with and receiving a nutrition plan from our dietitian Ryan Eaton. Ryan will also meet with you twice a month. Ryan will provide you with healthy and sustainable choices to achieve all goals. Counseling is provided to assist you with breaking through barriers and creating solutions. Ryan will educate you on how to build a better relationship with your food.


Includes full workouts and Nutrition Plan


Includes membership, full workouts, and Nutrition Plan


BCBS and Independent Health members get 20% off regular gym memberships!
PLUS, apply your $250 wellness card toward ANY service!

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