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We Are Georgetown Fitness


When you walk into our facility, you’ll notice that we are not your typical commercial gym. We’re a small, locally owned fitness center where you will feel inspired, find encouragement, and be challenged to become your best self!
At Georgetown Fitness we focus on developing better moving bodies through High Intensity Interval Training, Strength Training, and Functional Training. Our individually designed plans utilize our formula for health and human performance: Optimized Nutrition, Wellness, Exercise, and Recovery. Programming these elements into our plans help lead you to increased performance and better quality of life.
Before we design your individual fitness/nutrition plan, we start with your initial consultation where we will develop your needs analysis and specific goals. We then assess you through our Inbody machine. The information will give our team a starting point when developing your program. This approach assists in building the best plan for reaching your fitness/nutrition goals and becoming your best possible self.

Our Core Values
Do the right thing all of the time
Always under-promise and over-deliver
Take responsibility for outcomes
Be responsive to customer concerns
Be honest and treat customers with respect
Do not exaggerate expected results
Program design is based on science and fact and is appropriate for the individual or group
Our Mission
Our mission is to have a positive impact on our client’s lives by creating personalized programs to reach each individual’s goals.
We will deliver the best possible fitness and nutrition solutions to our customers’ needs through fun, challenging, appropriate and effective programs, thereby being recognized as a unique and respected health and fitness resource in Western New York.
Our Vision
Our vision is to maximize our clients’ strength, without compromise to health or risk of injury. The Georgetown Fitness Team strives to provide a regimen of training and nutritional guidance, enabling our clients to overcome barriers to health and fitness, and fulfill their full physical potential.

We thrive to be an asset to the community, serve as a valuable resource to our clients, and continue to be a place where our dedicated trainers can refine their skills and continue to serve our vision.
Our Facility
Our gym is well equipped with all of the necessary tools for a complete workout to maximize your strength!
  • Free Weights
  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Kettle Bells

  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • TRX
  • Battle Ropes
  • Hammer Strength
  • Shake Bar
  • Stocked Showers

  • Towel Service
  • Lockers
Optimized Nutrition. Wellness. Exercise. Recovery.Come visit us for your FREE consultation!
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David L. Jacobs, owner of Georgetown Fitness Inc. He holds a Master’s Degree from Canisius College (Buffalo, NY) in Health and Human Performance.

At Georgetown Fitness, we have a true passion for leading our clients towards their fitness success. Our staff has a personal investment in every client to ensure they have the power and potential to transform into their best possible self.

The Georgetown Fitness Team